About Us

C. Ian McLaren offers a variety of learning opportunities for all students. We provide strong curricular programs in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science and Art. Acquisition of reading is extremely important and every student participates is a Reading Intervention Program in addition to their regular programming. We have curricular specialists for Phys. Ed. and Music to add to our programming, and French is also taught by a specialist for
grades 4, 5 & 6.

We offer additional Special Education programs for students with behavioural and special needs. This program is called the Diversity/BEST program. We have a teacher, a youth development counselor, educational assistance and a family school liaison counselor attached to this program. However, all of the staff attached to the program help to assist all of our students in the classroom.

C. Ian McLaren has a strong character education program. Each staff member must complete the Respect in School program in order recognize, identify and deal with such behaviours as bullying and other inappropriate behavior. As a school we are focusing on eight virtues in our school with our students: kindness, forgiveness, honesty, respectfulness, responsibility, fairness, excellence and acceptance. To promote these virtues, we do activities in our classrooms, cross-graded family groups and at our monthly assemblies.

Special Days are also an important part of our school year. Student council organizes such days as Crazy Hat Day, Backwards Day and Beach Day.