About Us

C. Ian McLaren is an elementary school in the community of Black Diamond, Alberta. We support learners from Kindergarten to Grade 6. The school was originally called Black Diamond School. Clarence Ian McLaren was the principal of the school for 37 years so when the west end of the school was added on in 1981, the school was re-named after him.

C. Ian McLaren offers a wide variety of learning opportunities for all students. We provide strong curricular programs in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science and Art. Acquisition of reading is extremely important and every student participates in a Reading Intervention Program, in addition to their regular programming. We also have a curricular specialist for Music. We are excited to be rebuilding our French program. It is taught by a specialist in grades 4 and 5. Next year it will be re-introduced to the Grade 6 classes.

Our school has a strong character education program. We follow a program called Conscious Discipline developed by Dr. Becky Bailey. It is a program designed to decrease problem behaviors, power struggles, impulsivity and aggression, while increasing resilience, self-regulation, emotional health and overall achievement. Conscious Discipline is a leader in brain-based, trauma-informed social-emotional learning.

C. Ian McLaren has a capable and experienced staff when it comes to working with students with alternative needs. We are completely inclusive and students with unique needs are integrated into the classroom with their same age peers. Our Learning Coach and Educational Assistants support classroom teachers to create a differentiated program to meet each student’s individual needs.

Our school offers a wide variety of extra- curricular activities and clubs. Extra-curricular activities range from flag football to volleyball to basketball to track and field and more. All students in Grades 4, 5 and 6 who want to participate, are welcome to join. We also provide a variety of clubs that run at lunch time, for all students. Art Club, Games Group, Drama Club and Gardening Club are just a few that are available. Intramurals are also run from Tuesday to Friday for all grades.

We welcome all students from Black Diamond and area that fall in our boundaries. If you would like more information about our school, please contact the main office at 403-938-7295 to talk with the administration.