Board Highlights - October 16

The Board acknowledges the traditional territories of the peoples of Treaty 7 region in Southern Alberta and the Métis Nation of Alberta Region 3.


French Exchange Students

A delegation of French students hosted by both Ecole Senator Riley Middle School and Ecole Secondaire Highwood High School, along with Shelley Zorn, Mme Keeton and M. Durup de Baleine (French delegation staff members) attended the October 16, 2019 board meeting.  Students shared their initial impressions of the region, their thoughts about school and home life in Alberta and some of the celebrations they took part in over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Their feedback was very positive and they are thankful to have been afforded this opportunity.

The teachers explained the benefits of these exchanges to students, families and teachers and expressed their interest in hopefully growing the program in the coming years.  Teachers and students alike will be returning to France with many wonderful memories and lasting friendships as a result of our partnership.


Red Deer Lake School – Education Plan

Principal Shannon Culbert and Vice-Principal Judy Leyden shared many elements of celebration within the school including many of the Provincial Testing results; outdoor experiences; fine arts; gratitude circle; Bloxels Club for Grade 3-6 students; elementary choir; athletics; Terry Fox Carnival; Junior High Box Lunch Social; Reach for the Top Team; Quebec/Ottawa French as a Second Language Trip and Whole-School Buddy Activities.

They also presented their draft school education plan for the 2019-2020 school year with the focus on the following three goals:

  1. Success for all learners
  2. Support for all learners
  3. Engagement for all learners

Administration expanded on the outcomes and strategies for each goal.



Assistant Superintendent Drew Chipman presented the ASBIE Property Loss Profile and indicated that Foothills School Division is anticipating substantial increases in property insurance for the current school year.


Modular Requests

Assistant Superintendent Drew Chipman indicated that Foothills School Division will be requesting a modular classroom for Ecole Joe Clark and Red Deer Lake Schools.


Administrative Procedures

The following Administrative Procedures were reviewed by the Board:

  1. AP151 – Parental / Guardian Concerns or Complaints
  2. AP155 - Event Protocol – further changes will be made and this AP will be brought back to the Board in November.
  3. AP450 – Organizational Structure
  4. AP360 – Assessment, Evaluation & Reporting of Student Learning – further discussion required – will be brought back to the Board.
  5. AP110 – School Councils – a chart similar to AP151 Appendix A will be added to this AP.


Board Self-Assessment

Board Chair Larry Albrecht indicated that it is important that the Board evaluate their work on an annual basis and as such, the Board developed an assessment tool to determine if they are meeting their annual goals.


Policy 1 Policy Consultation

Policy 1 – Division Foundational Statements received first reading, however, the Board wanted to ensure feedback be included in their final considerations.  As a result, opportunity for feedback is in place via ThoughtExchange.  Staff, community members and students are encouraged to add their voices to this conversation.


Public Announcements / Recognition / Division Highlights

  • Trustee Molyneux offered congratulations to Oilfields High School and reported that in order to boost the fundraising goal of $2500 that Oilfields High School set for their Terry Fox Run, School Secretary Nicole Lansdell volunteered to have her head shaved – way to go Oilfields and way to go Nicole!
  • Assistant Superintendent Caroline Roberts congratulated Oilfields High School student Eric Teskey on receiving the 2019 High School Apprenticeship Scholarship from the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board.
  • Chair Albrecht extended congratulations to all award recipients from ESFCHS/AHSFA at their Awards Night last week.  The evening celebrated student successes in trade-based skills, academics, the Arts, athletics.
  • Trustee Kristiansen expressed appreciation to all of the families hosting French Exchange students.
  • Trustee Kristiansen also thanked the coaches and students of the ESFCHS/AHSFA football team for inviting the students from Ecole Highwood High School to play with them.  This shows amazing sportsmanship and an extremely welcoming and inclusive environment.