Breakfast Club

The staff at C. Ian McLaren are very proud to be launching our all-inclusive Breakfast Program on Tuesday, November 12th.  All students will be able to access the breakfast program, free of charge, every morning during school days. There will be gluten free options as well as lactose free milk.


  • Everyone is welcome                         
  • Open from 8:20-8:40, after 8:40 you can get a fruit from the office or your classroom
  • Door by the Breakfast Club room (tarmac playground door) will be propped open, when it is closed Breakfast club is over for the morning
  • Boots will be left neatly on the rug and backpacks will be left by the tables by the washroom or against the wall
  • Students will sit and eat at the tables
  • Students will clean up after themselves (scrape food bits if any in garbage, rinse, wash, put in dishwasher)
  • Students are to go back outside when they are done eating so there is no need to take all of their outside clothes.
  • Grades 5 and 6 student helpers are to help students, not do for them
  • Adults have the final say