CIM Spring Fundraisers - Coco Brooks and Growing Smiles

Welcome to our Spring Fundraiser!! We've decided to do two fundraisers side by side:

Coco Brooks and Growing Smiles.

These fundraisers are to support purchasing more technology for the school!

Ordering will begin today, April 29 and will end May 17 for both fundraisers. Pickup will be June 3 after school- IF YOU ORDER PLEASE ENSURE YOU WILL HAVE SOMEONE AVAILABLE TO PICK UP YOUR ORDER JUNE 3 BETWEEN 3PM-4PM. Coco Brooks foods will be frozen and the school won't have room for storage!!

Coco Brooks- is a Calgary based company with an excellent reputation for delicious pizzas and so much more!! Enjoy browsing through their extensive menu. Food will be delivered FROZEN, so you can stock up on all your favourites!! 

IMPORTANT!! When you join the Coco Brooks campaign, you will become the SELLER. If you want to share the fundraisers with family and friends, they will become YOUR CUSTOMERS. It's important that you register this way so that we know who our contact is for each order, and then when you pick up your orders we don't miss any. You will be responsible for delivering orders to your customers.

1. Here is the link to join this campaign as a SELLER: https://fundraising.cocobrooks.com/invite/verify?code=vying-milch

2. Once you've registered as a seller, please invite others to be your customers!!  You’ll see in your account a tab to do this.

Thanks for your orders and for supporting this school fundraiser!!

If you have any questions, feel free to email mclarenhotlunch@gmail.com

Growing Smiles Fundraiser - is a great opportunity to purchase plants for Mother’s Day, a loved one or for your own pleasure, all while supporting our children at CIM.  Check out the amazing selection!  It ranges from hanging baskets, geraniums, vegetables, herbs, marigold, soil, fertilizer, etc.  These established plants will be delivered to CIM on Thursday June 3rd between 3-4pm. Please ensure to include your child’s name/class to ensure the delivery process runs smoothly.  If you have more than one child, please designate one for pick up.   Any questions, please contact me directly at friendsofcimclaren@gmail.com 

Our official website is: