Weekly Update for Oct. 9-13, 2017

School Announcements:

PEANUT/NUT FREE SCHOOL: We would just like to remind all parents that our school is a peanut/nut-free environment. We have many students and staff with severe allergies. We ask that you do not send any food that may contain these ingredients. Thank you for helping us to keep our students safe.

Parent Teacher Interviews:

The link is accessible on our school website under the ‘Parents’ tab or you can click here to sign in/register:  https://mclaren.schoolsoft.com/login.jsf;jsessionid=0F70A3BF1B44752DB86D003091599380

This year we are trying something new with Parent Teacher Interviews. As a staff, we are wanting to space out our home communication about student progress on a more regular basis. As you know, we had Meet the Teacher in September to give you the opportunity to tell us about your child and share our brief observations. This next set of Parent Teacher Interviews on October 18 and 19th is happening six weeks before the Learner Profile (Report Card) goes home (December 1). This give parents and teachers an opportunity to talk sooner about how things are going and if there are any concerns to be addressed. It also gives the students an opportunity to put in extra effort in order to improve their grading on the outcomes of learning, if they need to. Six weeks from December 1, we will be having Student Led Conferences and approximately  six weeks after, on March 23rd will be when our next Learner Profile will be sent home. Hopefully through this process, parents will feel that their knowledge of their child’s progress is more complete through this regular communication. We discussed this new method of communication with our School Council last spring and the parents in attendance were in favour of trying this and seeing how it worked. We will be asking for feedback from parents in attendance at School Council in the spring to see if we should continue in this manner. Please remember though that you can contact your child’s teacher at any time throughout the year to request a meeting to address concerns or discuss progress. The above description just applies to the formal structure that has been set up.

New Hot Lunch Sessions: The first hot lunch is scheduled for Oct. 19th. The site is open for ordering starting Oct. 10th and will close on Oct. 17th. See attached pdf for full information. This link is accessible on our school website under the ‘Parents’ tab or you can click here to sign in/register: https://munchalunch.com/schools/mclaren/

Cougar Wear Orders: Deadline to place your online order is Oct. 28th: https://cimapparel.itemorder.com/sale. A paper copy is attached if you wish to pay by cash/cheque. Deadline for paper orders is Oct. 27th. Please make cheque payable to C. Ian McLaren School. Please note: The youth XL t-shirt is not available and I have removed this item from the attached order form. You may want to order an adult medium which is the same size but just 3” longer.

Monday, Oct. 9

  • No School – Thanksgiving

Tuesday, Oct. 10

Wednesday, Oct. 11

  • Grade 1 classes – field trip to Turner Valley Library/Author Visit

Thursday, Oct. 12

  • Grade 6 class – field trip to Turner Valley Library/Author Visit
  • Grade 4 classes – field trip to Recycle Centre/Okotoks

Friday, Oct. 13

  • Grade 4 classes – field trip to Turner Valley Library/Author Visit


Community Programs/Information (pdf attachments)